Scottish Cashmere - Handcrafted in Hawick - family-owned cashmere knitwear manufactory

  • About Us

    My dad is a crafter with over 40 years experience in the knitwear industry making gloves and scarves to a high standard.

    After retiring he decided to set up a small craft business specialising in handmade and handcrafted cashmere accessories
    made by us and other small local producers.
    We get our yarn in very small batches which allows us to keep our prices competitively low but
    also means we have a large range of colours that change regularly.
    We normally have over 50 yarns available, so if you are looking for a specific colour and can’t see it in our online store please get in touch.
    We may have it in stock already, or may have yarn to allow us to make it for you.

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