Goodyear Welted SHOES: From Goodyear fatto a mano made by shoemakers till primed-stitched in the factory

  • There are a lot of shoes that are offered under the name Goodyear Welted.

    These range from hand-stitched and doubled shoes from the shoemaker to shoes sewn all the way around with a leather strap, called welt.

    The following articles will take a closer look at this and present the best-known manufacturers of Goodyear Welted shoes.

  • There are several versions = different makings of Goodyear Welted.

    The main point are the insoles - the photo below shows two old original insoles,
    which are twice as thick as those from GYW with Gemband.

    3 original Goodyear insoles:

    • Above, the current frequently used one with a tear along the edge:The shoemaker places the frame seam in this crack
    • The middle insole shows a double lip:
    • The brand sole is cut horizontally along its edge and folded up - at the same time it is cut diagonally from the inside, similar to the upper but
      at a much flatter angle - thus creating the second lip.
      Both lips are folded up and placed against each other.
      The leather strap is then sewn onto this bar and becomes the shoe frame.
    • The lower sole is the simplified version of this and is reinforced with gusseted canvas

    The mostly used insole in Italy with tear lip.



    VIBERG shoes, Canada, has bought old machines and revived the original design of the GYW-insole
    to offer its customers high quality GYW-shoes 
    instead of jelly-stitched ones.

    Insole with Gemband, the gemmed rip

    origine of the photo:
    Solettificio Monica, Porto Sant'Elpidio, FM, Marche, Italy

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