Emma Cornes - Handbags and Messengerbags made with Tweed

  • I shouldn’t be a bagmaker

    I’ve never been a bag person, you see. I’ve only ever had one handbag at a time, and I’d use it until it was threadbare. Then I could never find anything to replace it with…

    That got me thinking about the beautiful tweeds from the Scottish valley I grew up in. Maybe I could make the bag I wanted with British-woven wool?

    So that’s what I did. I taught myself to sew and designed my bag. It had beautiful, long-lasting British tweed and a simple enough design to let the pattern stand out.

    I called her Kirsty, and over time she gained a few companions. However big or small the bag I’m making, there’s one thing I never forget:
    I always let the fabrics be the star of the show. With cloth this beautiful, it’s just not right to cover it with frills and gimmicks.

    So take a look around and meet my different designs. If you aren’t a bag person either, you may well find your perfect match.

    Prices start at only £89

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